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EEOC CranberryYour small business represents your life work, the culmination of your experience, resources, and hustle. Therefore, protecting your small business from legal loopholes, sneaky liability issues, and future lawsuits takes priority as you continue to build your client base and business reach. Some protections are obvious such as being an honest business with kind customer service.

However, a lawyer recognizes the legal protections that every small business should take to cover any preventable problems that might arise. Call or email a small business lawyer because a lawyer will evaluate your business and offer strategies for strengthening your legal protections.

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What Does A Small Business Lawyer Do To Protect My Small Business?

First of all, a small business lawyer partners with you to protect the present and the future of your business. A small business lawyer offers legal advice while also helping to create necessary document and business materials for the business, including liability forms. Finally, a small business lawyer recognizes the importance of working with the business owner to ensure that the business is covered in every way.

Daily operationsWhat Is The Wage And Hour Division?

A small business lawyer irons out legalities and liability issues in the day-to-day routines of a small business. Furthermore, a lawyer helps set up new processes or evaluate old routines. A small business lawyer can be as hands-on or hands-off as the small business owner desires because no one knows business like the owner.

Compliance codes

A small business lawyer tackles the intricate law on the behalf of your business because your business must meet certain requirements to be eligible for city and county codes. Meanwhile, a lawyer also knows how to obtain necessary state licenses for your business.

Liability lawsuits

A small business lawyer juggles the responsibilities of a lawsuit because a lawyer recognizes the next steps along with reinforcing the positive reputation of the business. Moreover, a lawyer works to prevent future lawsuits while settling any current lawsuits in a favorable manner.

The Quick List

Here’s a quick overview of ways that a small business lawyer can serve your company.

  • local, state, federal government investigation
  • health and safety laws for small businesses
  • “special allocation” of profits or losses to your partnership or LLC agreement
  • bookkeeping and accounting tips
  • negotiations for the sale of your business or the acquiring of another business
  • small business insurance
  • creation of partnership agreements
  • tax savings and tax liability
  • negotiations (for office space, vendors, mergers)
  • record of documents and annual fees
  • drafts of contracts and terms and conditions
  • lawsuits from disgruntled customers
  • protection of intellectual property
  • general rules for forming a contract
  • social media concerns
  • on-site liability forms for company events (conferences, etc)

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The small business lawyers at Kraemer, Manes & Associates focus on what your business most needs according to the business owner’s wishes. After all, a business owner keeps a finger on the pulse of the company, but a lawyer helps to further ensure that the business is healthy from a legal standpoint. Call or email us because we can help you further protect your company from preventable liability issues and other problems.