How LLC Lawyers Serve An LLC

LLC lawyers serve limited liability companies (LLC) in a variety of ways, whether handling the start-up process, creating a lawful company structure, or dealing with lawsuits.

limited liability company – a business established under state law with characteristics of a corporation and a partnership.

The LLC lawyers at Kraemer, Manes & Associates focus on your LLC, working to ensure compliance with the law and defending your rights in light of a lawsuit. Call or email us because we know how to advise and represent your LLC.

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The LLC Lawyer’s Job Description

An LLC lawyer is available to a client as an advisor or a hands-on lawyer, meaning a client can choose a consultation or hands-on help. Consequently, a LLC lawyer manages the abilities to aid your LLC for customizing an operating agreement or establishing a business structure. A LLC lawyer’s job description according to the company needs is adjustable.

LLC Lawyer Advisor

What Is The Office Of Disability Employment Policy?Riding on the do-it-yourself trend, most people prefer to handle certain details of business by themselves. However, the most savvy DIY-ers understand the importance of research and advice. Although a business can handle the below items alone, speaking with a LLC lawyer ensures nothing important is overlooked.

  • securing a business name and trademark
  • settling the legal structure for the business
  • filing and registering business paperwork
  • drafting contracts and on-disclosure agreements
  • creating buy-sell agreements

LLC Lawyer Administrator

Despite the DIY trend, certain tasks should be handled by a lawyer because a liability problem could ruin your business. Protect your business by working with a knowledgeable LLC attorney because an attorney understands the legal and tax requirements placed on a business. Consequently, a responsive LLC attorney listens to you while setting safe-guards in place to prevent future lawsuits.

A LLC lawyer will know about…

  • creating a smart operating agreement
    • providing for high and low profit periods
    • regulating how operating agreement members interact
  • forming the LLC
    • registering the company with the state
    • selecting tax status
  • dealing with any lawsuits
    • handling lawsuits from employees
    • navigating government investigations
    • representing your business during discrimination or harassment lawsuits
  • buying or selling a business
    • negotiating lease agreements
    • organizing sales agreements

Who Does A LLC Lawyer Represent?

A LLC lawyer represents either the LLC entity or a single member of the LLC; however, a third party may consult with a LLC lawyer as well. Furthermore, each client of a LLC lawyer receives specialized representation. After all, serving the whole of the company looks different than serving only one member of an LLC.

EEOC CranberryLLC entity

While representing an LLC entity, the LLC lawyer advocates for the “greater good” of the company rather than the best for one individual.

LLC member

Meanwhile, during a dispute or negotiation, the LLC member receives the advocacy of a LLC lawyer who is working for the most favorable outcome under the law for the individual LLC member.

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The LLC lawyers at Kraemer, Manes & Associates advocate on behalf of your business, providing legal understanding and assurance of law compliance. While creating a LLC, consult with a LLC lawyer because a lawyer knows exactly what must be done to protect your business assets. Call or email us because we want to advocate on the behalf of you and your LLC.