Keeping House: The General Counsel Attorney

From time to time, legal issues or questions arise for small businesses. Since most small businesses don’t retain a full-time attorney, when a legal problem needs sorted, small businesses must call a general counsel attorney. Basically, a general counsel attorney is the legal jack of all trades for businesses, but of course, each lawyer probably specializes in certain areas. However, a general counsel attorney serves the general needs of a business.

Kraemer, Manes & Associates serve many small to mid-sized businesses as general counsel, ensuring that preventable legal problems are cared for and everything is in order.

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General Counsel Chores

In caring for any great house, certain chores require attention by skilled professionals. After all, only a professional roofer should endeavor to care for roof maintenance. Therefore, in legal situations, general counsel handle best any liability or employee issues that appear.

Business check-up

Periodically, every business structure needs a “check up” to ensure that all processes are in compliance to the law. Just as we visit a doctor for physicals, a business requires the expert eye and knowledge of a general counsel lawyer. After all, a small, un-spotted issue grows into a larger problem, infecting other areas of operations and threatening the overall life of the business.

Employment practices

Meanwhile, the biggest risk to small businesses is employee issues. Since small businesses declare bankruptcy frequently after defending lawsuits brought by employees, preventing employee problems beforehand is imperative. Of course many different complaints may be filed against a business; however, we include the commonly filed complaints below.

  • FLSA wage payment violations
  • FMLA medical leave violations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Age, disability, race, and sex discrimination

Business advice

While providing advice, general counsel attorneys also source information from a wide network of professionals. Providing wise counsel along with a legal bent ensures the prevention of future legal problems. A general counsel attorney not only supports a business with legal counsel on obviously legal matters but also many other areas.

  • financial
  • accounting
  • tax
  • insurance
  • marketing

Claim evaluation

Whether a complaint is filed by an employee, vendor, or customer against a business, the business response sets the pace for all following interactions. A general counsel attorney knows how to evaluate a claim and what to advise a business to do in response. With many options for response, a general counsel attorney understands the consequences of each choice.


Commercial office leases

A general counsel lawyer aids in the negotiation of commercial leases, ensuring that your business receives exactly what it needs for success. After all, a commercial lease is more than just a good location. Moreover, a business with the help of a general counsel lawyer must consider a number of details.

  • ParkingIs Addiction Considered A Disability By ADA?
  • Snow/ice removal
  • Maintenance
  • Signage
  • Security
  • Heating and air conditioning

Commercial retail or restaurant leases

Naturally, a general counsel attorney recognizes the important questions to ask about a commercial lease for a retail or restaurant lease. Moreover, a lawyer assures that any liability issues are sorted before you sign the lease.

  • What incentives, such as rent-free periods at the beginning of the lease term, are available?
  • How much does rent increase over the term of the lease?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining common areas?
  • What common signs exist, and what is the cost of additional signage? What restrictions on freestanding signs and other displays are there?
  • How long is the build-out period? What restrictions are there on construction? How extensive will construction be?
  • If the property is a strip mall or other multi-unit location, will the landlord agree not to accept other similar businesses or competitors as tenants?

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The general counsel attorneys at KM&A focus on your day-to-day operations because we want to ensure that your business is not only running efficiently but also complying to the law. As trained professionals, we spot liability issues and provide a solution. Call or email us because we want to help you protect your business.